Business Development  |  Channel Marketing
Product Strategy  |  Strategic Partnering
Content Licensing  |  Pre-Sales / Evangelism

In short, we're Info-Maniacs with solid track records in execution, and we love helping to grow useful, addictive and profitable services. We're convinced that users get the most benefit from services combining the "pull" of personal ties within interactive communities, the "push" and convenience of agents, and easy access to who and what you need to know when you need it.

  • Business development & strategic relationships

  • Marketing & positioning

  • Partnering and relationship management

  • "Rainmaking" and evangelism

  • Content Acquisition, Development & Segmentation

  • Social Media / Community Building

  • Community Hosting

  • Competitive analysis and research

  • Contract negotiation

  • Usability testing -- making sure it really works

  • Customer Feedback Enhancement -- making sure it gets better as it gets used